(YARA) YARA_DLLSearchOrderHijacking

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            rule DLLHijacking {
    // Check for presence of DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH in DllMain function
    uint16(0) == 0x6461 and (
      // Check for the presence of CreateThread, which is used to start the main function
      uint32(2) == 0x74006872 and uint32(6) == 0x00006563 and uint32(10) == 0x74616843 and
      // Check for the presence of Main function
      uint32(14) == 0x6E69006D and uint32(18) == 0x0064614D
    // Check for presence of dllexport attribute
    and (pe.exports("DnsFreeConfigStructure") or pe.exports("DnsFreeConfigStructure@0"))

Associated Techniques

Technique Name Technique ID's Has Snippet(s)
Hijack Execution Flow: DLL Search Order Hijacking T1574.001