(YARA) YARA_Hook_Injection

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            rule HookInjection {
      // SetWindowsHookEx is often used to install hooks
      (uint32(0) == 0x00EC8B55 and (pe.exports("SetWindowsHookExA") or pe.exports("SetWindowsHookExW")))
      // UnhookWindowsHookEx is often used to remove hooks
      or (uint32(0) == 0x00EC8B55 and (pe.exports("UnhookWindowsHookEx")))
      // A hook function often calls CallNextHookEx
      or (uint32(0) == 0x00EC8B55 and (pe.exports("CallNextHookEx")))

Associated Techniques

Technique Name Technique ID's Has Snippet(s)
Hook Injection U1227 E1055.m01