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Created the Monday 11 March 2019. Updated 3 years, 6 months ago.

Virtualbox and VMware use specific virtual Mac address that can be detected by Malware.

  • The usual mac address used by Virtualbox starts with the following number: 08:00:27.
  • The usual mac address used by VMware starts with the following numbers: 00:0C:29, 00:1C:14, 00:50:56, 00:05:69.

Malware can use this simple trick to detect if it is running in a virtual environment and decide to not run properly.

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Code Snippets

package main

import (

func getMacAddr() ([]string, error) {
    ifas, err := net.Interfaces()
    if err != nil {
        return nil, err
    var as []string
    for _, ifa := range ifas {
        a := ifa.HardwareAddr.String()
        if a != "" {
            as = append(as, a)
    return as, nil

func main() {
    // Blacklist VM mac address
    var macvm = []string{"08:00:27", "00:0C:29", "00:1C:14", "00:50:56", "00:05:69"}

    as, err := getMacAddr()
    if err != nil {

    for i, s:= range macvm {
        for _, a := range as {
            str := strings.ToUpper(a)
            if str[0:8] == s[0:8] {
                fmt.Println("VM detected!")
		fmt.Println(i, s)
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;

String[] vmMacAddresses =

var vmMacAddresses = new Dictionary<string, string>();

vmMacAddresses.Add("08:00:27", "VirtualBox");
vmMacAddresses.Add("00:0C:29", "VMWare");
vmMacAddresses.Add("00:1C:14", "VMWare");
vmMacAddresses.Add("00:50:56", "VMWare");
vmMacAddresses.Add("00:05:69", "VMWare");
// Add other ones bellow...

foreach (NetworkInterface netInterface in NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces())
    PhysicalAddress physicalAddress = netInterface.GetPhysicalAddress();
    if (physicalAddress == null)

    String mac = String.Join(":", (from b in physicalAddress.GetAddressBytes().Take(3) select b.ToString("X2")));

    if (vmMacAddresses.ContainsKey(mac))
        throw new Exception(
            String.Format("{0} Detected from its MAC Address.", vmMacAddresses.GetValueOrDefault(mac))            

    Console.WriteLine("No VM Detected :)");

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