ICE 0xF1

Created the Wednesday 22 June 2022. Updated 5 months, 1 week ago.

ICEBP is an undocumented instruction that serves as a single byte interrupt 1, generating a single step exception. It can be used to detect if the program is traced.

Technique Identifier


Technique Tags

0xf1 icebp

Code Snippets

BOOL IsDebuggerPresent_IceBp()
        __asm __emit 0xF1 
        return FALSE; 
    return TRUE;

Detection Rules

rule Detect_Interrupt: AntiDebug {
        description = "Detect Interrupt instruction"
        author = "Unprotect"
        comment = "Experimental rule / the rule can be slow to use"
        $int3 = { CC }
        $intCD = { CD }
        $int03 = { 03 }
        $int2D = { 2D }
        $ICE = { F1 }
       uint16(0) == 0x5A4D and filesize < 1000KB and any of them
    name: execute anti-debugging instructions
    namespace: anti-analysis/anti-debugging/debugger-detection
    scope: function
      - Anti-Behavioral Analysis::Debugger Detection::Anti-debugging Instructions [B0001.034]
      - Practical Malware Analysis Lab 16-03.exe_:0x401300
    - or:
      - count(mnemonic(rdtsc)): 2 or more
      - mnemonic: icebp

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