TLS Callback

Created the Monday 18 March 2019. Updated 3 years, 6 months ago.

Most debuggers start at the program entry point as defined by the PE header. A TLS callback can be used to execute code before the entry point and therefore run secretly in a debugger.

This technique can be used to detect that the process is being debugged and thus terminate the process instead to continue execution.

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Code Snippets

#include "windows.h"
#include <stdio.h>

void NTAPI __stdcall TLSCallbacks(PVOID DllHandle, DWORD dwReason, PVOID Reserved);

#ifdef _M_IX86
#pragma comment (linker, "/INCLUDE:__tls_used")
#pragma comment (linker, "/INCLUDE:__tls_callback")
#pragma comment (linker, "/INCLUDE:_tls_used")
#pragma comment (linker, "/INCLUDE:_tls_callback")
#ifdef _M_X64
#pragma const_seg (".CRT$XLB")
#pragma data_seg (".CRT$XLB")

PIMAGE_TLS_CALLBACK _tls_callback = TLSCallbacks;
#pragma data_seg ()
#pragma const_seg ()

void NTAPI __stdcall TLSCallbacks(PVOID DllHandle, DWORD dwReason, PVOID Reserved)
	MessageBox(nullptr, "TLS Callback", "", 0);

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
	printf("Main function!");

Detection Rules

rule detect_tlscallback {
        description = "Simple rule to detect tls callback as anti-debug."
        author = "Thomas Roccia | @fr0gger_"
        $str1 = "TLS_CALLBACK" nocase
        $str2 = "TLScallback" nocase
        uint32(uint32(0x3C)) == 0x4550 and any of them

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