Featured Evasion API List

The feature you are currently using is in beta, which means it is still being tested and improved upon. The caution level (low, medium, high) may not be definitive and may be adjusted as we gather more data. We are constantly working to improve the precision of our feature and welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have to help us do so. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to bring you the best possible experience.

API Name Library Technique Count Level
AddVectoredExceptionHandler Kernel32.dll 3 Medium
AdjustTokenPrivileges advapi32.dll 1 Medium
CallNamedPipeW Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
ConnectNamedPipe Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
CreateNamedPipeA Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
CreateNamedPipeW Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
CreateProcessA Kernel32.dll 4 Medium
CreateProcessW Kernel32.dll 5 Medium
CreateServiceA Advapi32.lib 1 Medium
CreateToolhelp32Snapshot Kernel32.dll 9 Medium
DisconnectNamedPipe Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
FtpCreateDirectoryA Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpCreateDirectoryW Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpDeleteFileA Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpDeleteFileW Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpGetCurrentDirectoryA Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpGetCurrentDirectoryW Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpOpenFileA Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpOpenFileW Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpSetCurrentDirectoryA Wininet.dll 1 Medium
FtpSetCurrentDirectoryW Wininet.dll 1 Medium
GetClipboardData user32.dll 1 Medium
GetDesktopWindow user32.dll 1 Medium
GetProcAddress Kernel32.dll 25 Medium
GetTickCount Kernel32.dll 3 Medium
HeapAlloc Kernel32.dll 3 Medium
HeapFree Kernel32.dll 2 Medium
InternetCloseHandle Wininet.dll 1 Medium
InternetConnectA Wininet.dll 1 Medium
InternetConnectW Wininet.dll 1 Medium
InternetOpenA Wininet.dll 1 Medium
InternetOpenW Wininet.dll 1 Medium
InternetReadFile Wininet.dll 1 Medium
InternetWriteFile Wininet.dll 1 Medium
LoadResource Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
LockResource Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
MapViewOfSection NTDLL.DLL 1 Medium
NtCreateSection NTDLL.DLL 3 Medium
NtMapViewOfSection Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
NtUnmapViewOfSection NTDLL.DLL 2 Medium
OpenProcess Kernel32.dll 25 Medium
OpenThread Kernel32.dll 6 Medium
Process32First Kernel32.dll 7 Medium
Process32Next Kernel32.dll 7 Medium
QueueUserAPC Kernel32.dll 3 Medium
ReadProcessMemory Kernel32.dll 11 Medium
RegCloseKey advapi32.dll 7 Medium
RegEnumKeyExW advapi32.dll 1 Medium
RegEnumValueW advapi32.dll 1 Medium
RegOpenKeyExW advapi32.dll 3 Medium
RegQueryInfoKeyW advapi32.dll 1 Medium
RegQueryValueExW advapi32.dll 1 Medium
RegSetValueExW advapi32.dll 1 Medium
ResumeThread Kernel32.dll 7 Medium
SizeofResource Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
Thread32First Kernel32.dll 6 Medium
Thread32Next Kernel32.dll 6 Medium
UnhandledExceptionFilter Kernel32.dll 1 Medium
VirtualAlloc Kernel32.dll 25 Medium
VirtualQuery Kernel32.dll 1 Medium